Workshop: The Missing Piece (How to enrich your storytelling)

Workshop: The Missing Piece (How to enrich your storytelling)

by Gwendoline Alderton ACG ALB and John Kendall DTM

Gwendoline presenting at Grand Designs Live (Excel London).


The focus of this storytelling workshop is to provide you with a toolkit of knowledge that helps you enhance your stories because, as the saying goes, ‘words tell but stories sell’. Stories are at the heart of any great speech because they add a richness of thoughts, a colour of personality and a touch of reality. For a story to be effective and believable, you have to put yourself in the moment, understanding the plot and empathising with the characters.

Our toolkit of knowledge is the missing piece, where we highlight simple but effective steps that will bring your stories to life. The toolkit will show you where to begin and how to develop your stories, helping you balance thoughts and emotions, and bringing a depth to your characterization.

The skills and knowledge you gain in this workshop can be used for any speech where you want to connect with an audience, whether you need to entertain, inspire or motivate as a speaker.

Story telling is one of the most powerful communication skills to have learnt. It was being used before we could write. It is about expressing ideas in a relevant and memorable ways. Used by religions it has stood the test of time. It is behind much of our entertainment industries. So What makes a good story?

Biography: Gwendoline Alderton ACG ALB

As a gold award toastmaster, Gwendoline is a sought after speaker within her specialist area of interior design. Gwendoline’s signature talks focus on the latest trends, where she not only highlights the most current interior fashions but also weaves stories and personal insights into her speeches to add colour to her content.

Gwendoline’s breadth of speaking experience covers radio, conferences, private events and workshops. She has recently been invited to speak at the World Summit on Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (New York) and she has also been asked back for a third consecutive year to speak at Grand Designs Live (Excel London).

Biography: John Kendall DTM

Currently President of Cornerstones Advantaged Toastmasters(H20), Founder of N Herts (H20), member Cambridge Speakers (G41), Bedford (H44), Herts (H20) and most recently DTM Masters (D27).

I have been a pathways/REP ambassador for years, PW Guide and pathway user. I have achieved Level 2 in Dynamic Leadership and presentation Mastery in Pathways and working on Level 3 and pathways mentoring.

I have been best AD of the year and realignment representative for Div G and now Div H,

Married two daughters and 3 ( with one due) in June grandchildren.

Career -after a degree in Chemistry, ( I still read the new scientist) MSc in Operational research – worked at Unliver, Thorn EMI, also worked in financial systems, mail order at Burghley House, director of Marine aggregates business ( shingle and concrete) Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) and Hypnosis trainer.

My TM speeches have reflected my interests and view that all good speakers are hypnotists or at least use their techniques. For NLP groups I have run workshops on Confidence building and TPM (Thought Pattern Management). I have also spoken to outside groups on public speaking and returning to give a speech on the Start of the Common era.

In Toastmaster I have run workshops on evaluation, rhetoric and story telling. One on your body matters, about non verbal communication, is to be given this autumn.