Memories: Spring 2019 conference – 30th March 2019

Thank you to everyone that attended our Spring 2019 conference.

Congratulations to our contestants and contest winners:

International Speech contest Evaluation contest
1 – Gordon Adams 1 – Vinette Hoffman-Jackson
2 – Vinette Hoffman-Jackson 2 – Richard Foster-Fletcher
3 – Parker Asein 3 – Jenny Britt


Saturday 30th March 2019

Time Event
9:00am Registration and networking
9:15am Briefings for International Speech contest participants & judges
9:30am Open and welcome
9:40am International Speech contest
10:50am Break & Briefings for Evaluation contest participants & judges
11:10am Evaluation contest
12:30pm Break
1:30pm Workshop: Speaker to trainer – Lynda Andrews
2:45pm Break
3:15pm Workshop: Speaking with energy – Kala Flynn
4:30pm Close












Plus… plenty of networking and fun.