Presentation: Alexa, in the future will I talk more to robots than people?

Alexa, in the future will I talk more to robots than people?

by Richard Foster-Fletcher

Richard Foster-Fletcher photo


Communication is changing, partly due to AI and the pressure for us to get more done, faster. Amidst a human-to-human communication crisis, master communicators are leveraging language evolution to get attention, share their message and build lasting connections.

Here’s how they are doing it and what we can learn from them:

  • From telegrams, to telephones. From texts, to emojis. How communication is changing
  • How to talk to robots and why it matters for your next presentation
  • Ain’t nobody got time for that: How a language crisis offers us a big opportunity


Richard Foster-Fletcher is a technology futurist and eCommerce entrepreneur passionate about the power of communication. He speaks and coaches on the ways we can make an impact and create positive change from the stage or from any decisive communication.

Richard has been an active member, mentor and leader in Toastmasters International for over 10 years enjoying contest success at the district level.