Presentation: Modern day ideas for tomorrow’s window shopping

Modern day ideas for tomorrow’s window shopping

by Darren Walton, DTM

Darren Walton photo


The way we find products and services has changed massively over the past thirty years. The decline of the High Street has already begun. How will you make sure that people can find you and your message?

Darren Walton unravels the mysteries of search engines to reveal some simple steps to being found and how you and your teams can make an impression today for tomorrow’s consumers.


Darren has been a member of Toastmasters since 2012. He began his journey in a corporate club and is currently the President of Huntingdonshire Speakers Club.  Darren has made a career in Information Technology which is as much a hobby for him as it is his profession.

Outside of work Darren enjoys brewing wine from kits and from local fruit, spending time with his family and, of course, Toastmasters to which he currently dedicates a good portion of his time.

Mixing Darren’s hobbies and profession has enabled Darren to find some great ways to get listed on the first page of search results on Google and other search engines for personal, professional and recreational needs.