Photo Challenge

Division H Photography challenge – Deadline 1st October 2017

Our Division are Guest editors of the District Newsletter in October. What better way to tell the story of our place and people than through photographs of members visiting iconic local landmarks with their magazine or manuals.

For example, Division H has the Kinky boots of Northampton, the hat industry of Luton, The science of Cranfield and Cambridge, the airship hangars of Bedford, the concrete cows of Milton Keynes, etc

First Division H Photo received

Area 44 Director Vicky Lester toastmaster in MK…set your sails free’

A second one from Division H

Immediate Past Area 20 Director Elizabeth Jordan at Hatfield House House, childhood home of Queen Elizabeth 1, on completing the Willow 10K Charity Run. The most desirable country estates fell within a day’s ride from London. One foot in the city and one foot in the countryside characterises Division H today. It not only contains great country houses, but also garden cities like Letchworth and Welwyn and new towns like Milton Keynes, Stevenage, Harlow, Hatfield, Corby etc.

Here are some examples from around the world in the Toastmaster magazine:

All photos picturing Toastmasters materials (banners, lecterns, badges, etc.) must be of updated materials according to current branding guidelines. No photos with explicit material will be accepted. All photos are subject to review.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Photos must be in .jpg format
  • Photos must be at a resolution of 300dpi or least one megabyte (1MB) or larger in file size
  • Photos must be of clear images.
  • Include your contact information, club name, location where the image was taken, and a caption for each image

Email your submissions to by the 1st October.  The entries will be displayed at the Division H conference on the 14th October at the Cranfield University campus. The best entries will be used in the District 71 Newsletter and to promote Division H, such as on Facebook.

Daniel Sandars, Division H Director (07412 926024)