Rose Marie Calder DTM

How does a person become passionate about effective communication?
In the early 1990’s Rose Marie Calder was working as a business administrator with a degree in Computer Information Systems in Upper New York State. She was an introvert and struggling to communicate effectively in the business world.

In 1995 Rose Marie started attending a Toastmasters Club in Rochester New York. She began by sitting in the back of the room watching as others gave their speeches over several meetings. Once she realised that she was being held back by FEAR (False Events Appearing Real). She decided to give her first speech.

The communication techniques and leadership skills Rose Marie learned from Toastmasters is now used in every aspect of her life. Not only in business but it has also taught her how to communicate on a one to one basis as well as in group settings. Rose Marie has the drive to share these skills with others who struggle with their FEAR of speaking.

As a young person Rose Marie felt extremely shy and awkward around people. This is why she desires to help young people gain confidence with their communication skills. She has also worked with several community groups both locally and internationally helping individuals gain confidence to speak and become leaders in their communities.

Since moving to the UK she has worked with women’s groups such as Ladies Voices and other community programmes.

Rose Marie has become more active in Toastmaster Clubs by holding several positions within various clubs. This has included, but not limited to, serving in President and Vice President of Education roles over the last 10 years. Last year she received her DTM Award.

Currently she is teaching on-air speaking techniques at a local radio station for their new presenters. Rose Marie attended the International Speaking Contest in Vancouver Canada with Vinette Hoffman-Jackson.

With her multiple experiences Rose Marie has had in both her business carer and personal life. She has a passion to encourage others who are looking to grow in their leadership and communication skills.