Workshop: The Leadership Compass

Presenter: Teresa Duke DTM (see biography)

In order to understand your team members and work effectively together you need to understand what type of communicator/leader they are. Are they a North the go-getter; a South the nurturer; an East the visionary; or a West the analyst? Once you recognize what direction you and your team members are, the quicker you will know how to positively communicate as an effective team.

This workshop will enable you to understand how to be more flexible and to adapt your own work style with those around you. This opens up the possibility of being more receptive to those whose styles are different from your own – helping you become a more effective leader.

What’s in it for the participant?

•     Recognize their style and their team members’ different styles of communication
•     Learn how each direction would LIKE or prefer to be communicated with.
•     A better awareness of the styles and how to effectively blend these to work more effectively as an individual and as a team.
•     Objective – main outcome is the discovery that each direction needs to work together to accomplish the end goal as a team. Nice to have a mix of styles!