Workshop: How to add humour to any speech

Presenter Bob Ferguson DTM (see biography)

When’s the right time to prepare for the next Humorous speech contest – NOW!

Yes I know we’re in the middle of the current contest but….

Building a great humorous speech takes plenty of effort, and to get the most from your creative effort often takes a lot of time, so to ensure the best results Bob Ferguson believes now is the time to start preparing and this session will help you get on the right track.

Outlining the deep preparation that has helped Bob win three District Championships he will show you how to  build your speech over several months before applying the focussed attention to making your speech truly humorous, that won him the 2009 District Humorous Speech Championship.

But humour isn’t just for the Humorous Speech Contest.  Ed Tate won the 2000 World Championship of Public Speaking with over 4 laughs per minute. That’s almost stand-up level. Many speakers on serious subjects find that humour is the best way to deliver an important point as audiences are at their most receptive when they’re laughing.

Humour should be a standard weapon in every speaker’s arsenal. Bob will be delivering his 2009 District winning speech then deconstructing it to show the simple ways you can add humour to any speech.

This is the workshop to attend, for anyone who is serious……….. about humorous speaking!