Panel Discussion: Taking Toastmasters’ skills out into the world

Panel Moderator, Rose Marie Calder DTM (see biography)

One of the key skills we might wish to develop is to be able to take our skills out into the world… out into the community, or out into commerce. It could be to earn a living, to follow a passion or vocation, or maybe to give back and help others.

Within our Division we have many fine examples:

  • Community programs, such as Speechcraft, Youth Leadership Program, or other training activities.
  • Communication through media, such as Radio broadcasters, podcasters and vloggers.
  • Paid speaking business, such as motivational speakers, trainers and public speaking coaches
  • Engagement of the Public at events and or being a Master of Ceremonies.

We’ve decided to invite members who have considerable expertise in applying their Toastmaster skills in these fields to share that with us.

Some of the questions that might be asked are:

  • How do your Toastmasters skills help with that?
  • What do you or your club get out of it?
  • Are there any special requirements for equipment of certification?
  • How did you get started?
  • How would I get into that …how would I get my first paid gig?
  • If you started again what would you do differently?

We are hoping to compile a quick start fact sheet from each of the main areas for you to take away and hopefully also feature some of the work and projects on the poster displays around the networking and refreshments areas.

Confirmed Panellists

  1. John Dale (Eldergate Toastmasters) is motivational speaker, trainer, and operations Director of the charity Milton Keynes Executive Action who reskill redundant (or facing it) professionals and graduates.
  2. Jillian Haslam (Hertfordshire Speakers) Professional international motivational speaker. Recent winner of the Mother Teresa Award for philanthropy, advocacy. and humanitarian work amongst poor special needs children in Calcutta.
  3. Vinette Hoffman Jackson (Luton Speakers) is the District International Speech Champion and motivational speaker with experience of being a master of ceremonies, teacher and trainer.
  4. Nigel Oseland (Cornerstone Communicators) Professional International technical speaker and lecturer.
  5. Jim Reynolds (North Bucks Speakers) has coordinated Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership Programs in Milton Keynes schools for the past five years.