John Kendall DTM

John Kendall DTM

John Kendall DTM
  • Joined Toastmasters:August 2013
  • Member of 6 clubs:  North Hertfordshire Speaker, Cornerstone Communicators, Bedfordshire Speakers, Hertfordshire speakers, , Cambridge Speakers & DTM Masters (D27) & previously East Herts /Ware Speakers
  • Roles: Area Director; Club President, VPM, VPPR, Treasurer, Realignment Rep, Pathways Rep & Guide.

What did it feel like when you earned your DTM and how did your celebrate?

I felt the need to show the plaque to people especially in the six clubs I was a member of.  I was surprised to get a standing ovation at DTM Masters.  The question of “ what now?” was answered by Pathways.

I celebrated at our annual North Herts dinner 29-11-2017 with 46 people in the Sun Hotel Ballroom, Hitchin with members of several clubs, division & district directors Daniel Sandars & Red Skelton, hosted by club President, Wojciech Zujla, Eddie Asquith was MC,  Kevin Baggs  DTM gave  the main after dinner speech with humour, Bob Ferguson DTM spoke too. Red Skelton DD [District Director] formally presented the DTM plaque to me and then I had to reply – a difficult speech as I had to cut out what had already been said.  It was a memorable, enjoyable evening with great speeches, lovely food and a warm and friendly atmosphere surrounded by friends & immediate family.

What was your greatest personal achievement on the journey to your DTM and why is it so special to you?

For my CC [Competent Communicator] 10 speech, I said “spread the word”,  let us start a club nearer my home. So I started North Herts, a year after joining toastmasters. It chartered in 364 days & in its first nine months and following years was President’s Distinguished Club. What made that an extra special year was that it helped me to be the Best Area Director (2015-16) in D71 [District 71], starting with 4 clubs and ending with six clubs all distinguished at the highest level they ever had.

Who was the most influential mentor(s)  on your journey and why?

I was lucky enough to join Hertfordshire speakers as my first club. It and its members practiced the toastmasters education fully & were used to starting new clubs in area 20. Its founder Bob Ferguson DTM was there. Then Kevin Baggs soon to be DTM, enticed me to go to Ware speakers as well and mentored me from time to time. Ian Perry DTM, was my AD. Then I joined the advance club Cornerstones Communicators, where 10 DTMs could be found, so becoming a DTM was a normal thing to do.  Red Skelton is a current member. Cornerstones was & is like a Toastmaster University, where you can find out anything.

Having achieved the highest educational award that TMI can bestow, what new goals are you looking forward to?

Aware of the possibility of a post DTM feeling of lost of direction I grasped the new Pathways program becoming a Pathways Ambassador & then Guide.  I joined a US club as an online member to have authentic knowledge.   I enjoy new learning and spreading the word about Toastmasters. So I will be involved in new clubs.

What tips or advice do you have for members on the DTM journey?

I, like most people, join Toastmasters to learn and did not have a clue what DTM is nor want to be one then. The urge to learn more & go further creeps up on you, so never say I don’t want to be a DTM!

Once hooked:-

  1. Visit other clubs, & go to area, division & district events as you can learn from everyone.
  2. Enjoy the journey – you will be surprised which things benefit you the most.
  3. Understand all that is required and do some things in parallel to avoid delays later.