Ian Perry DTM

Ian Perry DTM
Ian Perry DTM

Joined March 2009

Clubs Hertfordshire Speakers, East Herts, Data Science speakers
Roles: Area Director, Club President

What did it feel like when you earned your DTM and how did you celebrate?

After a number of years of dedication and hard work, it was an opportunity to reflect on all the people who I inspired me and also realise how I have grown and developed other Toastmasters.


What was your greatest personal achievement on the journey to your DTM and why is it so special to you?

Mentoring a member who took his speech to the Division level contest.


Who was the most influential mentor(s) on your journey and why?

Humour is so important in speaking and I was lucky to have several fellow members in my early years who could deliver a punchline, use rhetorical devices with ease and make their audiences laugh.


Having achieved the highest educational award that TMI can bestow, what new goals are you looking forward to?

I want to use the skills I have learnt to deliver training to young people and mentor others in their journeys.

  What tips or advice do you have for members on the DTM journey?

It won’t be easy, there will be many obstacles to overcome.  Take each step at one time and don’t worry about perfection.  It’s more about the journey than the destination.