Greg Pogonowski DTM

  • Joined: 2008
  • Clubs: Dubai Internet City (DIC), Dubai Internet City 2 (DIC2) founder, Dubai Internet City Advanced (DIC Advanced) founding President, Anglia Communicators Peterborough
  • Roles: Area Director (AD), Club President, VPE (twice), Treasurer (twice)

What did it feel like when you earned your DTM and how did your celebrate?

I got notification and a plaque from TMI (Toastmasters International) in the post and it was announced at my next club meeting – nothing special was arranged for me

What was your greatest personal achievement on the journey to your DTM and why is it so special to you?

I was able to thank Jose Poovathinkal, who introduced me to TMI, and was there at my first club meeting (as I joined his club) and also because he was there at the club meeting when I was presented with my DTM award seven years later (which he has still to achieve!)

Who was the most influential mentor on your journey and why?

John Nolan, who joined TMI after me and initially I was his mentor; but the tables were turned when he helped me with my HPL project, and then challenged me to start a new club with 20 paid up members in only 30 days, when he was my AD (following on from my AD year). I not only did this but managed to charter a club with 23 members within a month…………!

Having achieved the highest educational award that TMI can bestow, what new goals are you looking forward to?

As a founding President of an Advanced club in my last country, it is now nice to step back from those high and exacting standards; by joining a new “regular” club in another country, helping them raise their game and to grow, by motivating the people within to achieve their personal targets to become more, through my sage advice/ideas

What tips or advice do you have for members on the DTM journey?

Always give a speech at one meeting, then take a leadership role at the next, and so on. Always step up and volunteer, because we learn by doing, and visit other clubs!