Daniel Sandars DTM

Daniel Sandars DTM
  • Joined Toastmasters: September
  • Member of 2 clubs:  Cranfield Speakers, Northampton Speakers
  • Roles: Division Director ( 2017-2018), Area Director (2016-2017) District 71 Speechcraft Chair (2016-17); Club President, VPE, VPPR, and Secretary





What did it feel like when you earned your DTM and how did your celebrate?

First off, I was amazed that I had received the plaque within days of submitting the award. Most orders from the state-side store take weeks.

The plaque has been great fun at home as the children have related to it and made some sense of all the time daddy is off out or battened down in his makeshift garage office. I believe that these DTM plaques are seeped in the emotions that went into earning them. Mine is 4 parts midnight oil, 5 parts caffeine, 6 parts fun and friendships, and 2 parts lightening and rigid weather rattling in through the garage door.

Both of my home clubs organized dinners and bottles of beer to help celebrate

What was your greatest personal achievement on the journey to your DTM and why is it so special to you?

Speechcraft co-ordinator for ten doctoral students at Cranfield University 2015-2016

That’s a temporal pardox and landmark. What has motivated me most going forward has often been the speech challenges. However, looking back what has given me the greatest sense of achievement and social connection have been the leadership challenges. Speechcraft was the first leadership challenge within Toastmasters that I took on willingly.

Who was the most influential mentor(s) on your journey and why?

I was a guest at the second meeting of Cranfield Speakers which was being established, in part, by our Area Governor Jim Reynolds DTM. Jim has been a great educator and solid gold bar of the standards required. Dave Minzey DTM added a new dimension of unfurling creative potential when I got to know him whilst we helped establish Northampton Speakers.

Having achieved the highest educational award that TMI can bestow, what new goals are you looking forward to?

I am definitely the sort of person that could start collecting DTM by exploring new ways of getting them. I also want to develop speaking within my career and move towards paid speaking and becoming an Accredited Speaker.

What tips or advice do you have for members on the DTM journey?

“Take what you can and give nothing back” is a catch phrase from the Pirates of the Caribbean.  It has a ring of truth if the plunder ‘be’ leadership opportunities. To get a DTM it really pays:

  • to take and make your chances,
  • to know what is needed and have an ‘weather eye’ open for it, and
  • to learn on the hoof rather than give up and give back your chances