Memories of the Autumn 2018 conference
The Future of Communication

On Saturday, 3rd November 2018, Toastmasters and guests from Division H and beyond gathered in Cranfield for the Future of Communication conference.

We had talks on topics including promoting a message on the internet, how to participate in virtual meetings, the importance of human connection in a world of robots and reflections on leadership from a past District Director.  Plus, of course, two fanastic contests with excellent speeches and impressive performances for our winners.

On this page you can find photos from the event and videos and copies of some of the presentations, plus feedback from people that attended.

If you attended the conference, we would love to have your feedback.

Thank you to everyone that attended and to those that made the event such a great success.

Steve Campion, Division H Director


Autumn 2018 - Welcome to the Future of Communication

Steve Campion opened the event by explaining why we should all talk about The Future of Communication.

You can download the presentation.


Autumn 2018 - Modern day ideas for tomorrow's window shopping

Darren Walton unraveled some of the mysteries of search engines to reveal some simple steps to being found and how you and your teams can make an impression today for tomorrow’s consumers.  You can download the presentation here.

Autumn 2018 - Table Topics contest

Our Table Topics competitors were challenged to explain their views on emoji and text speak in modern communication.

Congratulations to our contest winners:

  • Vinette Hoffman-Jackson (1st)
  • Clifford Hurst (2nd)
  • Sam Faircloth (3rd)
Autumn 2018 - Networking

One of the biggest benefits of a Toastmasters event is to meet old friends and make some new ones. This event was no exception.


Autumn 2018 - The Virtual Meeting

Binal Sawjani gave us some excellent tips on how to interact well in virtual (online) meetings and in front of the camera, with the aid of her friends from around the world.

Download the presentation and watch the video


Autumn 2018 - Alexa, in the future will we talk more to robots than people?

Richard Foster-Fletcher offered an intriguing and hilarious insight into the world of robotic communication and how you can make your emails, presentations and stories more human.

You can download the presentation and watch the video.


Autumn 2018 - Humorous Speech contest

There was much hilarity in our Humorous Speech competition.  Congratulations to our winners:

  • Tom Farrell (1st)
  • Ryan Parke (2nd)
  • Kat Anderson (3rd)


Autumn 2018 - Reflections on leadership

Kevin Lee, Pathways Chief Ambassador and Past District Director of District 71, shared with us some of his experiences and advice for leaders of the future.


Autumn 2018 - Awards and recognition

We like to celebrate achievements in Division H, so this was a moment to reflect, celebrate and thank everyone for their service

Thank you to Andrew Luckham for the photos and videos of the event.


A selection of comments from attendees at the conference:

“My first time out of my club and I am so glad I went. Feel really inspired.”

“The best Toastmaster Conference I have ever attended- well done to all involved!”

“Division H at its best! Professionalism, creativity and teamwork came together to deliver on every front.”

“Division H rocks! Love the conference it is a must in the diary!”

“Just wanted to thank you and the team for an informative, interesting and fun day yesterday. Your leadership together with the hard work and professionalism of the team paid off in the smooth running of the contests and workshops. The sophisticated use of technology was a triumph. “

“I would like to congratulate Steve and the team – Binal who I know put loads of effort into the organisation and the other people who worked to make the day the huge success that it was! Well done! You ARE amazing!!”