The future of communication….

On Saturday, 3rd November, Toastmasters and guests from Division H and beyond gathered in Cranfield for the Future of Communication conference.

Photos from the Division H Autumn 2018 conference

We had talks on topics including promoting a message on the internet, how to participate in virtual meetings, the importance of human connection in a world of robots and reflections on leadership from a past District Director.  Plus, of course, two fanastic contests with excellent speeches and impressive performances for our winners.

Congratulations to our contest winners:
Table Topics Vinette Hoffman-Jackson (1st), Clifford Hurst (2nd) & Sam Faircloth (3rd)
Humorous Speech: Tom Farrell (1st), Ryan Parke (2nd), Kat Anderson (3rd)

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll share some of our great photos, presentations and memories.

Thank you to everyone that attended and to those that made the event such a great success.

Steve Campion, Division H Director