About Division H

Welcome to Division H of Toastmasters International District 71

Our Division comprises 18 clubs across West Cambridgeshire (Blue Area 14); Hertfordshire (Green Area 20); South Bedfordshire & St Albans (Purple Area 32); and Milton Keynes, Central & Northern Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire (Gold Area 44).  Each club is dedicated to helping people develop their skills in communication and leadership.

The Division is part of District 71 and is supported by the 2019-20 team of:

  • Division Director: John Kendall
  • Area 14 Director: Nadine Bowles-Newark
    • Assistant Area 14 Director Faye Ritchie
  • Area 20 Director: John  Allsop
  • Area 32 Director: Violet Cuffy
  • Area 44 Director: Paulina Blaszczyk

Those interested in the AD role or Divisional Director role please contact their Area Director for more details & on how to apply for next year.

Previous leaders


  • Division Director: Steve Campion
  • Area 14 Director: Faye Ritchie
  • Area 20 Director: Wojciech [Voytek] Zujla
  • Area 32 Director: Martin Mansell
    • Assistant Area Director for Area 32 and 20: Violet Cuffy
  • Area 44 Director: Binal Sawjani

Footnote Area 32 was formed when area 20 split into two on 1st July 2017


  • Division Director: Daniel Sandars
  • Area 14 Director: Andrew Luckham
  • Area 20 Director: Steve Campion
  • Area 44 Director: Vicky Lester

Footnote Division was formed from the western half of Division G on 1st July 2016